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features of Etheros

Etheros provides investment solutions that have not been available in such a comprehensive and yet accessible form so far. Securing your value has never been easier!

Save your wealth for your relatives

You do not have to worry about the profits you made or the goods and spaces you own. You can appoint a successor of your wealth at any time.


The Etheros world allows you to be the first, largest and richest supplier of raw materials, goods and services while maintaining full anonymity.

Advertise your products and services

The Etheros world allows you to build a creative advertisement for your enterprise in the virtual world. You will not find such an option anywhere else. It all depends on your imagination.

Competition and prestige

If you want, you can be put in a ranking of owners of spaces, tokens or made profits. Success is always the best advertisement.





Our team, co-creators and community of Etheros are looking forward to accomplishing the next project development milestones:


The Etheros world is being created before your very eyes.

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Etheros Token Metrics


is the native token of the Etheros platform. Users (players) obtain or buy specified "fragments" of space, places, or things using the ETS token.


Sale stages

Available: 100,000,000 ETS
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Sale Stages

Available 5.599.000 ETS
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300 ETS
Minimum purchase
15 000 ETS
Maximum purchase

Public Token Distribution Event details:

Starts on TBA.2021 12:00 PM UTC
Ends on TBA.2021 2:00 PM UTC
Total token supply 148.940.000 ETS
No. of tokens IDO, IEO, ICO 30.000.000 ETS
Soft Cap $1.000.000
Hard Cap $5.000.000
Price $1.50  |  $2.00  |  $3.00
Available on exchanges P2PB2B, Uniswap, PancakeSwap
Accepted cryptocurrencies ETH, BTC, USDT, BNB, BCH

Private Sale details:

# Round Price BONUS Cap Status
1 Private Sale $1.00 10% 1M USD Closed
2 Private Sale ~$1.10 7% 2.34M USD 01.10.2021
3 Private Sale ~$1.20 5% 2.59M USD TBA


7.44M Marketing
14.89M Development
6.59M Investors
10M Rewards
10M Creators
100M Sale

starting investors, private investors:
4.43% of the total supply: unlocked
10% of bonus after 3 months of staking

for hidden Etheros resources:
6.71% of the total supply: starting from platform launch


Rewards for the effort of searching for resources: The effort may result in finding component parts of Bitcoin, i.e. Satoshi, which will belong to their finder fully.

of the Etheros world, developers:
6.71% of the total supply: starting from platform launch, tokens available for over 2 years


Rewards for committed participation: The best ideas and implementations will win rewards in the form of the component parts of the Ethereum coins, i.e. Wei, which will belong to the given space owner fully.

67.14% of the total supply:
30% at first sale (30 million),
30% after 6 months (30 million),
40% after 12 months (40 million)

Maximum supply:
148,940,000 ETS
Etheros token address:
Token link:
For more info:

Five Mechanisms

The Etheros platform is based on a protocol consisting of five mechanisms

Spaces (i.e. squares of 1 km2 each) belong to their owners, who manage them and determine their purpose. Thanks to the blockchain, it is them who have the right to vote first.

The owner chooses which model of matter will be created – real (according to the existing image of the world corresponding to the given space) or virtual (created according to the imagination of the user).

Spaces contain hidden natural resources (including cryptocurrencies), which can be extracted, managed, sold or used to produce something.

Users can undertake all sorts of private and commercial activities using a control panel. It allows digital management of property, of everything they intend to create – in digital terms and in the game mode.

The owners of the given spaces and objects located in them can appoint a successor of their property at any time.

Four Systems

The Etheros world is based on four systems

Economic goods in


The economics of the Etheros world comprises many factors, which allow economic growth and implementation of investment ideas. Creating goods and services plays an earning role here. Economic goods are to be seen as consumption goods and investment goods in terms of costs and profits and as substitute goods and complementary goods in terms of the relation between them.

Consumption goods

They satisfy the needs of a user in a direct way and are made for immediate use (consumption) by the consumer. They constitute pure cost.

Investment goods

They satisfy the needs of a user in an indirect way and serve to produce other goods. Investing in them brings further profits.

Private goods

Goods the possession of which entails transfer of ownership at the time the seller receives payment for them. Such a good, used by the given entity, is not available for other entities.

Substitute goods

The purchase of a good excludes the necessity to buy another one which satisfies the same need, e.g. the use of copper instead of gold to produce device components. This happens when the price of the initial good (gold) goes up.

Complementary goods

They complement each other in the satisfaction of one specific need. Therefore, they are most often used together, e.g. having purchased raw materials, a user owning a space will have to buy or rent tools and devices and hire workforce.

Public goods

Available to all users and entities. The use of such goods by a user or entity does not restrict others’ ability to use these goods as well. These are e.g. roads, bridges, seas and oceans.

Economic resources in


Another important element of the economics of Etheros are natural resources. They are required for the production of goods or the provision of services and they form capital resources.

Natural resources

The building blocks from which the Etheros world is made, e.g. natural resources such as mineral deposits, plants, energy, water, the riches of rivers and lakes, and so on.

Capital resources

Tangible assets: buildings, machinery, devices, and facilities, but also raw and other materials etc. All these resources are rare.



The Etheros Team includes specialists from different industries - experienced professionals who are used to attaining their goals. We are united by joint passions in the areas such as blockchain, technology, decentralized finance, marketing, languages and professional development.
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