How to buy Etheros

Buy ETS with a credit or debit card

You can buy ETS with a payment card directly on the Etheros store website. We offer the best possibilities of buying ETS with a debit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) via a safe payment processor.

Buy ETS with cryptocurrencies

You will also buy ETS with cryptocurrencies: ETH or BNB.
You can buy ETS via the Ethereum network and in the blockchain of the Binance exchange. The transactions are carried out by Smart Contracts in the Ethereum and Binance networks automatically.

Trade in ETS

Once ETS trading on an exchange is possible, you will be able to sell and buy ETS for other cryptocurrencies.

App Screen

Using the token gives you a true opportunity and allows you to make a profit in a variety of ways.

The ETS token has multiple applications, the most popular of which are trading, HODL, possibility of inheritance, passive income, NFTs, commercial advertising or even commitment in shares.

One of the top objectives of the Etheros creators is to allow improvement in financial standing regardless of the social status or location of users. This is why Etheros enjoys growing interest both among short-term investors and traders and people less involved in the crypto world who are willing to make a profit with the upcoming 1.0 platform.

This is a very important aspect thanks to which the Etheros world will connect the crypto community with traditional users and unlock great potential for the development of international social platform Metaverse – a new version of the Internet, long expected by everyone.

The ETS token supply in the blockchain network is definite and will not increase. This guarantees that the token will appreciate as the number of the Etheros world users go up.


Trade in Etheros

The ETS token allows trading. This is a full-value token based on the ERC20 standard (Ethereum) and the BEP20 standard (Binance Smart Chain).

You can trade in ETS on exchanges with the most popular currency pairs, e.g. BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT and more.

Hold ETS

Investment-wise, outside trading you will be able to get much higher returns by buying and selling spaces in the Etheros world.

Imagine a situation where you purchase the token for 1 dollar in a private or public sale. You use that token to buy a space, which you then put up for sale for at least 40 dollars (e.g. 1 km2 in Los Angeles). This equals a profit of 3900%. Hardly any other cryptocurrency will give you such an opportunity to make money at present. We're expecting much higher gains that will break the current records set in the community and lead to even higher gains.

Make a passive income

The ETS token allows you to earn a passive income in several forms.

One of the most popular ones involves holding a space hoarding valuable raw materials that are needed by users creating goods and services. You just have to be their supplier or generate a licence for extraction. The profits will keep coming.

What else can you do after you buy Etheros tokens?


Looking at the developing NFT business, you might conclude that this is yet another interesting way to digitise everything that is unique. However, there's no visual place where NFT owners could present their works, sell them or create them in a newer form in a complete ecosystem of interconnected structures. The Etheros world comes to the rescue – its solutions are a perfect fit for implementing NFTs.

NFTs in the Etheros world can be used in a lot of ways known today. For instance, you can use them to release unique digital objects created by users in the given space. Those tokens can be collectibles, products, digital works, licences, certificates or something else (all depends on the users' creativity).

Advertise your company in the Etheros VR game

The Etheros world enables businesses to advertise themselves. One of the traditional solutions in this department is an advertisement placed on spaces or buildings belonging to the users. That said, there are many, many more ideas to further advertising.

In the Etheros world, advertisements can be bought, for instance by businesses. For a business to launch advertising and settle with the owner, lessee or end user of the given space in the Etheros world, it must possess the ETS token (which it can buy from its holders, the so-called hodlers). A user can offer advertising on the structures he or she creates, for instance. Or in any other form that can be commercialised.

Appoint a successor

No goal would make sense if it didn't create value of its own that you can use in the long term. Let's use education as an example. Since our early years we have been investing in our own development and skills, we've been widening our horizons and acquiring experience. All that is our inheritance that will stay with us for as long as we live. At the time of our departure, some of that knowledge and achievements turn into oblivion.

But what if we could keep a portion of that treasure? In the only durable form available today at that – the digital form, additionally secured on a blockchain. This is possible with Etheros! Everything you create and give value to will be remembered after you. Creating value and taking care of it will let you keep that which you would like to leave to your dear ones. This is why you should not worry about your profits, goods, spaces or hidden assets you own in the Etheros world. You can appoint a successor to your wealth at any time using Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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